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Rx300 Squealing Fan Belt

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My RX300 has a squealing fan belt for a few seconds on start up from cold, been doing it for some time.

My mechanic fitted a non-lexus new belt, and checked the tension, which did not cure the problem.

I got him to get a genuine belt and fit that, but still the same.

Recently got him to tighten the belt some more, but still the same.

Mine is an 02 UK car with 82,000 miles.

Anyone else have the same problem, or know the cure?

Only thing I can think to check next is that the water pump or A/C are not hard to turn.

Usually start with the A/C off, so shouldn't be this dragging.

Not a problem when warm.

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Surely its a bearing within the pulley rather than the belt?

Something simialr used to happen in the VAG VR6 engine: a tensioner pulley used to dry out after a while and was the cause of the squeal,rather than a belt.

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