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Rx400H And Iphone 3Gs

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Hi everyone, just bought a 57 RX400 last week and although my 3GS connected easily enough I can't get the phonebook to transfer. It just keeps saying

'please send data from the phone'. Anyone else had this problem? Frustrating not having access to all my numbers when I'm in the car.

Otherwise the car is fantastic, best car I've ever owned I reckon.

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I belive it is not possible to transfer the adress book from an Iphone into the RX400. The Iphone is not competable with the system Lexus uses I have learned from checking around. I had a BMW X5 before and it was the the same on that car. The problem I belive is that the phone book on the Iphone is different from other phones. It is on a quite different protocol and containing a lot more information. I have manually entered the numbers that I more frequently uses. But hope someone can make an app that can copy the information and transfer it to the car phonebook.

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Thanks for your input guys. I had thought that maybe the Lexus technology wasn't up to the apple standard, maybe that's exactly what the problem is. Last year I had a Jag Xtype for 3 months and although I hated the car the phone book loaded ok so it can't be a big deal. Also no problems with the Parrot system I've got in my old Chevy pickup. Come on Lexus the Iphones been around for 4 years now, how long do you need to catch up!

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