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Sidelight Fuse?

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Have a look in the fuse panel in the drivers side kick well ....

There's a label on the inside of the panel cover telling which fuse is where.

The ones you want to look at are both 10A fuses ... 1 labelled 'tail' the other labelled 'gauge'.

Hope that helps ...


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hi guys,

sidelights aren't working, checked bulbs, all seems fine, which fuse is the one for me sidelights?

many thanks

Not completely sure (looking for a manual myself today) but the three places to check are a) main fuse box in the engine-bay, forward of the Battery, B) aux#1 fusebox in the passenger footwell; and c) aux#2 fusebox in the driver's footwell. Access to #1 & #2 auxiliary fuse-panels is by pulling on the round ball. All fusebox panels are marked with details of the circuits protected.

BTW, in some cases (to access relays?) the fuse carrier need to be pulled out of it's housing to view the rear of it.

Good luck

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All light fuses are in the main fuse box under the bonnet

That had me worried as I was basing info on Lexus workshop manuals / wiring diagrams.

Wouldn't want to disagree with Chris so just been outside to check that info on my car ...

The 120A ALT fuse which all the headlamps etc run off is indeed under the bonnet ...

Then it splits into more specific circuits - headlamp fuses (Left upper, Left lower, Right upper, Right lower) are under the bonnet too.

But the 'front clearance lights' , 'licence plate lights' , 'tail lights' , failure circuit / warning light run off the 10A 'tail' and 'gauge' fuses in the drivers kickwell fuse panel.

Fuses are arranged in 3 columns of 6 - tail is in Left column, gauge in Right column both are 1 down from the top.


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