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high speed testing motorways

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Hi Guys,

here some hints where supercharged users can test their top speed on German Highways.

A5 from Heidelberg till Karlsruhe, three lane with little bends. 15km straight full speed passages, hardly sharp corners....

Good for Accelaration and TOP SPEED Tests

A3 from Cologne to Frankfurt (when the construction work is finished by JUNE 2002)

three lane high speed motorway with lots of corners, ideally used for checking your suspension and testing the limit of your whole car......( some of the sharp corners can be done at 120mph, if you use all three lanes :):smilegrin:

A81 ULM - Munich

only two lane sharp corner motorway, really fun to drive but watch out the speed limit.

A5 and A3 hardly have speedlimits are really challenging to drive.

Have fun

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very good bits of autobahn are the:

A7 hamburg-all the way south

A352 , A7-A2 link fast link road of about 7km

A2,apart froma few road works at the mo,and speed cameras by Bad Oeyenhausen/Osnabruck,its a bloomin good stretch especially by Minden/Rinteln,when the long sweeping dipping/riseing autobahn is ace at 130mph using all 3 lanes:D:D:D:D:D

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Also very nice the bit between Cologne and not the number, anyway it is full three lane and only going straight on now speed limit and there is a sign saying

TESTSTRECKE, *** knows what they mean at least I only interpret it....a 125 mph ride and the good thing about it is when you arrive in Bonn at the round about we directly find a gas station, also when we arrive in Cologne...:smilegrin::smilegrin::smilegrin::smilegrin:

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