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Left Hand Drive Is200

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Hi Guys,

I'm new here and from Philippines. I am going to buy a 99 IS200. it is left hand drive. I am wondering if Lexus really built an IS200 w/ a left hand drive in it? and how would i know if it is a conversion from right hand to left hand?


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yeh they did build lefties for europe, so thats an easy one, I imagine that if someone converted from right to left the biggest clue would be the centre instruments, aircon and stereo switches, as the buttons are all reversed too, so if all the knobs and buttons are the same as a rhd, then ask the seller more questions :D

since lefties were made its unusual someone would go to the effort of converting tho

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Thanks mates! here in our country they can convert everything easily!! and find ways to make sure that it will look like an original left hand. that's why buyers should be careful.. though it's not a problem... it is just scary if you'll drive fast..

btw, i saw an is200 earlier that was submerged to flood last year.. the owner is now changing his engine into a twin turbos!!! WoW!!!

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