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Prop Shaft Seal / Trans Out Seal Problem Rx300

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I'm looking for some info regarding these two seals on my Rx300 SE-L it's a 2003 facelift model, i took it in last week to have a 7 year service at Jemca in Edgware.

I received a phone call from them saying i needed spark plugs and my prop shaft seal was leeking. They quoted me £409 for spark plugs and £160 for the seal, i told them to do the seal and called around and got a price of £207 for the spark plugs from twickenham lexus. When picking up the car they informed the seal was not done as they did not have the part and it will take two days to come in so i booked it in for the work on monday. Dropped it off monday and it was finally completed on tuesday evening as they had the incorrect part, i then took it twickenham for the spark plugs on wednesday, when picking up the car they informed me the trans out seal is leaking. They were pretty amazed that i had the prop shaft seal done the day before and they did not notice the trans out seal was leaking or were indicating that they may have changed the wrong seal. I just want to know if anyone else has had problems with these seals and where abouts they were on the car as i don't want to take it back to jemca screaming and shouting if the two seals are on opposite sides of the car. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

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