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Fuel Treatment / Injector Cleaner


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Just wonder does anybody use any fuel treatment like Redex in a regular basis. Is that recommended by Lexus? If you are using it in a regular basis, have you notice any improvement in fuel consumption and performance?

I use millers eco max diesel treatment. First time I have tried it and about 3 or 4 tanks worth used (although sometimes I forget).

Cannot say for definite about MPG but have noticed not as much smoke, although I tend not to use any other diesel other than Shell (preferred as low sulphur) or BP. Car used to blow a puff of smoke with supermarket diesel. Never had a problem with power have been very happy so far :-)

Not sure if this will therefore help to keep the EGR valve / engine in check.

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I had an engine rebuild just before Christmas as it was totally coked up. Garage said thet I had to now use premium diesel every other tank as the engine needs a detergent. As the priemium diesel can cost about £8 per tank, I have chosen wynns supremium as it gas a detergent in it replicating what the premium fuel does. It costs about £6 eBay and you only add a small capful per tank, on bottle will treat about 500litres. It only add on a little more than 1p per litre so rather have it than not.

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I use Redex in every tank fill. On the mpg side, it is very difficult to say if it has made a difference. If it has, there is no more than an extra 3mpg. I'm averaging about 45mpg (very careful driving and only about 30% urban driving). The biggest change I have noticed is that, when I clean the EGR valve every 5K miles, there is less carbon buildup in the EGR valve. So if it is reducing the buildup in the EGR valve, it is reducing buildups elsewhere.

Redex costs about €0.04 per litre of fuel.

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