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Hey guys Im saying goodbye to the lexus forums as Im going to be selling my IS250 as I have bought myself a new birthday present, not bad for a 26 yr old. Its been great thanks for all the tips.




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lol actually Im not a daddys boy, my dads really tight lol, I run my own business, so much better to be your own boss

rock and roll - what a tool- hmm P11d bet the tax man loves you -what type of business are you in - i bet its not manufacturing .

enjoy the car


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I own a courier business which I employ 1 office staff, 3 loaders and 16 drivers and I usally work in the office aswell but Im known to deliver and load sometimes when my staff are sick or on holiday, and dont get me started on tax lol.

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Nice car mate, but may I ask: why didn't you consider an IS-F? :whistling:

because he bought the car he wanted? if i had 50k to spend on a car i wouldn't have bought either, but that's my choice and this was his?

i'm not gonna dispute your ability to run it, pay for it, or anything else mate. congratulations on buying a gorgeous car and i hope you tinker with it a bit, as modded GTRs are amazing. :winky:

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