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Car Stereo Comparison

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Hi, i will at some point finally buy an RX400h, but i am not sure whether to go for an SE or SE-L, i do however like my music and i just wanted to know the sound quality defferences between the System and speakers in the SE model and the Mark Levinson system as this could swing me for the better specced model.


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I can't actually offer you much advice about this specific point, but I have a GS300 SE-L and an IS200 SE. The IS200 SE has a stock premium Lexus soundsystem (I imagine this will be similar to whatever the RX SE has) and the GS300 has a Mark Levinson fitted. The IS200 still sounds seriously good when from a clean-source (i.e. the CD player, as opposed to the direct FM line-in Harman/Kardon iPod kit I have which still sounds ok), the GS300 SE-L Levinson system seems to have better reproduction across the entire range but unless you have both cars next to each other I wouldn't miss the other is the best way I can put it.

I don't think Lexus would fit a crap soundsystem in an SE car is what I'm saying, and unless you have a direct comparison with the better one you won't miss it but you might appreciate the money you saved! It's like people who say stupid things like 'a Sony BRAVIA TV is so much better than a generic/Korean-brand one', unless there are strange people who have a Sony TV (or any other premium brand) next to an unbranded one just so they can compare it, I don't think they actually could tell in the majority of cases.

On the other hand, using the same logic, my Mercedes SLK had the most god-awful soundsystem ever installed in a premium car...

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Thank you for the input, it seems like the differences are quite marginal. I thought it would be like comparing a decent 'midi' system

to a mid/high end seperates one, but if it's that close i think i'd rather save a few grand. Thanks again.

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