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Strange Spontaneous Dent


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I have recently found a strange dent on the right front wing of my IS250c. There is no associated paint chip/scratch/mark. There is no sign of it being hit. In fact it would be pretty difficult for it to have been hit as it is parked on my driveway and was fine when I parked and dented when I came back.

Has anyone else ever seen this happen? I have heard of some cars (bmw mini) having an issue with roof dents caused by hot weather, could this be similar? If so do you think it would be covered in the cars warranty?

The car was new at sept 2009.

will try and post some pics but it is difficult to see due to the reflections.

What should I do? If I take it to lexus bodyshop will they a) laugh at me for thinking this can happen spontaneously, 2) fob me off, c) accuse me of trying to pull a fast one?

Your help is as always much appreciated.



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theres nothing spontaneous about a dent that size, my brother had an Omega and it was hit by a bin wagon, and altho the dent was much more serious than yours, it didn't crack the paint at all, and with a bit of warm weather in our favour at the time, we managed to push the dent out without cracking the paint too, something has definitely hit your car, just a mystery as to what hit it and when

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