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some more info on octane boost

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Following extensive development with one of Motorsports leading luminaries Silkolene, we are proud to offer this fantastic product suitable for all engines.

Silkolene Pro boost will effectively raise the RON value of standard 95 RON fuel up to 97-98 and takes Super Unleaded up to a phenomenal 100-101 RON.

By running any high performance engine on what essentially is a higher grade of fuel obviously allows the adaptive engine management systems to "read" the higher octane value and make upward performance adjustments to suit. A few other key benefits are as follows..

Compatible with all petrols

Promotes clean combustion chambers, valve seats and injectors.

Fully compatible with all catalytic converters. (NOTE!!! this is not the case with all additives).

Does not attack hoses or filters.

Combats pinking and pre-ignition

Suitable for all high compression two and four stroke engines.

Removes harmful engine deposits.

Reduces upper cylinder wear.

Combats corrosion.

The graphs below show Pro Boost in action. The control vehicle was an absolutely standard Subaru Impreza 2000 Model Turbo. Sole breathing modifications were Group A downpipe and a Stainless steel back box.

The graphs show both before and after the Pro Boost were added. Immediately obvious is the way that Pro Boost gives a beautifully linear BHP trace over the peaky standard mapping.

Control Vehicle


Even more impressive is how Pro Boost dramatically shifts the shape of the torque curve to an ideal, almost perfectly flat profile.

Control Vehicle


Not only does it add in instant "kick" to any high performance vehicle but Pro Boost allows certain Japanese specification cars to be running on the correct settings as designed by the Factory (i.e.. 100 RON). Also it allows the driver of other cars to selectively add torque and BHP to suit driving demands..(trackday, Sunday morning etc.)

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