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In Desperate Need Of Knowledge Of Bushes I Require


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hi guys, i really need some help here, i need to but some bushes for the lex, however i just want to buy bushes and not the full arms as the total was just over £1000 in parts... i couldnt beleive it when they quoated me that.

i am uploading some diagrams of the rear and front suspension assembly and i have circled in red which bushes i require, please guys i would appreciate it if you could tell me what they are.. i have also included a list of polyurethane bushes so if someone would kindly point out which i need it would be alot of help..

first up the rear...


now the front...


and now the list of bushes available, if someone could point out which i need.



thanks alot guys.

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Hi there

you should go to PIR or it could be PRI in the West Midlands rally performance parts, the whole lot, front (rear trailing arm bushes) and lower front swinging arm bushes (rally sport heavy duty), cost about £150.00. It has completely sorted the inner tyre wear and frightening steering problems, (18 tyres in less than 40K)with 3 expensive geometry checks and about 8 normal tracking checks at the local tyre dealers.

The local Toyota fitted them for about £250 including VAT and two geometry checks.

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hi, thanx for the reply and input... £150 for all bushes from PRI racing??? the above screen grabs and prices ARE from PRI Racing, so unless ive missed something can you direct me to the link please.


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