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Install Of Satnav

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my car is a rx300/2001 has it got the loom already installed to install a 86841-47030 satnav box to enable satnav or not my engine number is- 1MZ1041582 CHASSIS- JTJHF1OU400178923 REGARDS RON HASSETT

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Did a search and this is the closest I came to the question I wanted to ask: I've bought a 2002 UK spec RX300. It has the lovely touchscreen (which for the first hour I didnt realise and was pushing buttons hoping to make it work). The screen seems to suggest that it could use a satnav but the relevant components are not installed. Right now, my TomTom looks ugly sitting on the windscreen.

Is there some way I can get a Lexus satnav system added? And how much would it cost?

Or would it be better to install a newer system entirely?

(I gotta say I don't like the cassette system and would like something more modern.)

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I would fit something else or just use a smartphone. You won't have all the correct wiring or the GPS aerial and the nav unit itself is expensive and rare to get secondhand.


I too have a 2002 RX300 with a non-functioning Nav system which I would like to get working

is there any solution ?

My multi-cd player is also not working

can anyboby recommend replacement (either from breakers or maybe eBay)

Superfalcon -- have you come up with a solution inc iPod/iPhone conection



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