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My Is..

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now I can share my IS after I detailed it last Saturday..

I got this last June with only 62000km (38500miles) in it. it is 99mdl. I really really wanted to buy this because of its plate number! it matches my nickname/alias, which is PJ. :D

you need to pay a certain amount here in Philippines to have a special plate like this. I can say I'm lucky! lol

The car has stock everything except the 18"s BBS mags and tanabe rs muffler. :)

hope you like it!






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thanks matt!yeah it is a nice exhaust. it is a Tanabe RS ordered from Japan. For me it sounds like a 360modena when it is on idle... but of course, it sounds different when the car starts to run.. :D but it's silent though! :)

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thanks mates!

@lloyd, not so popular.. very rare.. so the thinking is, if you have a lexus here then you are rich! but not in my case! lol i'm just so lucky that i have a neighbor who sold this car for a cheap price. And not everybody knows that parts are same with a Toyota! :)

Lexus showroom opened here in Manila last February only (i guess) that is why the new models are the ones becoming a bit popular. but it is still expensive!! :duh:

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