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Wheel Replacement Issue

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Been having a catch up in the forum and it started me mulling about my ****ty wheels and the fact that refurbing them is too much for me to spend etc.

However, when I can, I wonder if I should just get a set of wheels and tyres from Halfords? I keep seeing them at superb prices stacked up in the entrance, and even their cheapest set is going to look beter than my cruddy rims and given that they come with tyres (yes, cheap ones i realise, but I ain't racing it on a track after all) it would work out cheaper than a set of tyres and refurbing my own rims.

Anyone ever gone down the Halfords route and been satisfied? Anyone ever gone there and been dissatisfied? I hear there are all sorts of things to consider, offset (?) and such like, so I'm appealing to you, the experts, for advice and guidance here ;)

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Why not just get your standard rims refubed will only cost £100-200, where as a new set of rims is going to cost at least £500 for a decent set of 17" which are needed on an IS to fill the arches

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