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Nothing Works All Of A Sudden! Help Needed Indeed

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hello folks

I was listening music from my iPod throu my new FM transfer without starting my GS300 1996, then my friend came, so stop the music, then pulled out the transfer. Then later I started the car, my FM transfer doesnt work anymore, and I plug the cigarette lighter in there, it doesnt heat anymore, and I couldnt turned on fans anymore, nor radio neither. however, when I tured the head lights on, the backgroud lights of the radio and fans can still be tured on, however, they just don't work. oh my, I was soo worried, could anyone tell me whats wrong, does this to do with the fuse? I tried to check the fuse box under the bonet, but some are covered up, I couldn't open them, I tried to open one, and it broke my fingers. Is there any fuse box i should look into or something else?

Please, help,I can't even ride in my car anymore in this freaking hot summer.

Again, your help will be apprecaited indeed!

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There is a fusebox in the side of the footwell. Sounds like probably the 10A "Dome" fuse has blown and/or the 15 "CIG" fuse. Also check the "RAD NO.1" fuse.

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