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Some cool pix I found


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This is the only "real" intake I've found for the Lexus IS200. It is from HKS in Japan. The pic is a bit blurry but you will note that it is the IS200 engine with cover removed to fit the somewhat alien looking racing filter.

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Damn!! I like that hood with air vents on the 280t (and yes I am drooling.. its the second time today this site has made me drool :P).

Not sure about the Merc style side mirrors, the idea is nice but I think it looks like too much of an MB rip off. I think if it is gonna be a rip off of another manufacturers part then it should at least have the areodynamic contours of the new BMW side mirrors (not the really short M3/racing ones) :smilegrin:. I think MB have a patent or trademark on those side mirror lights which is why so many others haven't yet copied it... if only Toyota had done the same with the rear Altezza lights.

Thanks for the pics... they're really cool. *continues to drool*

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