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Rear Wheel Studs/bolt - Sheared

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Hi all, after my rescue company broke their own record to get to my wife and our flat tyre, they then managed to over torque and shear one of the rear studs/bolts on my is200 sportcross..not a happy customer.

As i appear to be doing nothing but spending money on this car, I appreciate that I need to go to Lexus to get a new bolt, but is it an easy DIY job to replace the bolt, or am I going to have to go to a garage?

Summer hols are here.i need the car and some cash left over to keep the littleuns happy,so any guidance would be appreciated.

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Hi this seems to happen quite often with the IS studs ;not to bad a job for DIY ,I will give a quick run down and if you feel it,s within your

cabability (good pictures in the on line manual) do it ;otherwise a good workshop should charge 1 hour I guess ; part needed Lexus stud 90942-02070 approx £2-50.jack up car ,secure on axle stand remove wheel,remove 2 mounting bolts and remove disc brake assy suspend securely to prevent damage ;release parking brake ,remove rubber plug from integral drum ,back off adjustment through hole with small screwdriver,remove disc ,knock out broken stud through flange with drift .It is just possible to get the new stud in through the back with patience.make sure stud is square pull through using a spacer ,washer, and wheel nut. re assemble disc re adjust brake shoes ,replace carrier and pad assy replace wheel .online w/shop manual section BR-41 BR-44 covers the job with torque values etc Hope this helps Dave

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Fantastic thanks true blue.

I'll be honest.. I like playing around with cars, but am not an expert by any standard however following your instructions it took me less than 1/2 hour. The longest time taken was actually finding an old ring spanner to use as a spacer when pulling the stud back through. cost to me 2.47... great.

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Hi great result and cheap to :winky: I,ve had some great advice off here good crowd I,m an engineer but its hard to know a persons ability

just off a forum ;hope you don,t get any more problems

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