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1990 Ls400 Brake Problems - Please Help!


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Hi. I've got quite a problem with my 1990 LS400. Last month it started losing brake fluid, and the brakes didn't seem as clever as they used too (not that they were great in the first place). Anyway, after i checked them all, i found the front flexi hoses were bulging and one of them had a gash on it which is where the fluid was escaping. I ordered a set of Goodridge flexi's as i've had very impressive results on other cars i've had. and i ordered a new set of pads at the same time. I fitted all the new gear, and bled the brakes in the usual fashion and now the pedal goes straight to the floor with absolutly no braking effort. I've bled them again, including bleeding the master cylinder and ABS pump and i've also bled it with the ignition on. When the brake pedal is released you can hear air gurgling in the master cylinder. As much as i try i just cant expell the air out of the system. This is somewhat annoying, as it has rendered the car useless. Is there any special way of bleeding the system, or will it be the case that the master cylinder has gone for a burton, and if so can you get service kits for it or will i have to bite the bullit and buy a new one? The car only cost £600, and i dont want to spend a fortune repairing it every few months. Any advice will be usefull. Thanks.

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There is a Master cylinder repair kit part# 04493-50010.

You can try bleeding it with the engine running as a last resort

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Hi and welcome to the LOC.

There is always the possibility of master cylinder seal damage if you pushed the calliper pistons back without opening the bleed nipple 1st as this could result in the seals being turned inside out giving you the problem you now have.

As Royt says you can get a master cylinder seal kit and this may be your cheapest option providing you are confident in doing the job.

I assume you didn't allow the reservoir to empty completely during the bleeding process.

You can also buy pressure bleeding kits which ensures no air remains in the brake system and makes the whole job a lot easier as you only have to open the bleed nipples until there are no more air bubbles present.

I see you are in the Nottingham area,if you need some help I may be able to get over PM me.

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