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Darker Tints - Anyone Done These?


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Hi all,

I've seen an IS200 around Edinburgh with way darker windows than mine... Presumably these are aftermarket tints? I thought they looked good, has anyone on here got them done?

I'd like to see pics if you have, trying to decide if I want to go that dark - what's the visibility like from the inside etc?

Cheers in advance...


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You can totally see the difference in this one, it's literally blacked out from view isn't it?

Compare that with mine (not quite the same angle, but still... you can see through the window to the car interior...


Thanks for that mate, I'll give it some more consideration now :D :D

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My link

My link

bit late for post but theres mine fronts are one shade darker than legal. i didnt do the back screen i felt it made the back of the car too dark.As most of the time coppers follow you,without the back screen done they dont even notice. Most coppers feel if your windows too dark your trying to hide something. I had mine done over 18 months ago i never been stopped because of the windows. I have been stopped and the copper didnt even mention the tints

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