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Unable To Eject Sat Nav Dvd

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A friend has a 2006 Lexus 220D fitted with a DVD based Sat Nav.

The Sat Nav reports it cannot read the data on the disk.

Trouble is, it will not go past the first screen anymore so he cannot press the on-screen eject button.

Any ideas on how the DVD can be made to come out? The car's warranty has long expired!

thanks in advance for any practical advice. :unsure:

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Just read on another site to on the touch screen press top left corner, then bottom left corner, then top left corner and bottom left corner again and the disc will eject.

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just remember that the sat nav dvd slot is behind the clock and emergency light switch. The panel has to be removed with the two "screwdrivers" in trunk tool box (push them all the way in). Nobody told me that there was an extra slot, so it took me a little while and some searching to figure it out as my user manual is in german :/

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I had the same problem a week ago. Basically the disc started rattling in the drive and any attempt to navigate around the menu resulted in 'greyed' out menu items - if it was anything to do with the SatNav.

I tried the top left bottom left scenario without luck , but I did find the diagnostics screen.

I eventually found a thread on here on how to remove the Satnav unit, but when I went back to the car and had 'one last try' the eject button was displayed. I managed to eject and replace the disk.

I don't know why it suddenly displayed.


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