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Electric Lfa 500 Bhp

Ian Sartoria

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Just as the title says :)

I read this in this weeks Auto Express (issue 1,125), i have taken a picture of it but only the title seems visable.

This is what it says;

"The electric supercar war is heating up. Toyota and new partner Tesla are rumoured to be working on a battery-powered Lexus LFA to rival Mercedes' SLS AMG E-Cell and Audi's e-tron.

The car, which is expected to debut in 2015, will produce more than 500bhp from four electic motors - one at each wheel. That would propel it from 0-60mph in around four seconds. Tesla has also confirmed that the RAV4 will be one of two EVs that the californian maker is producing for Toyota. As reported in issue 1,124, Toyota recently bought £32.6million of shares in Tesla".

So does an Electric car interest you at all? :o


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I would be if things like range and charging times were decent - the instant torque of an electric motor in a light carbon fibre chassis has got to be awesome off the line!

Although given the cost of the LFA, this one will probably cost twice as much so it's only something I'll get to dream about :hehe:

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