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Sunroof Problems On Rx


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Hello all,

New to the club and would greatly appreciate your help/guidance. We have 99 RX300, the sunroof is stuck in the tilt position----Could this require a new sunroof motor and how do you check it to determine. When pushing the button, I get a sound from the motor for a few seconds and then it stops. Also, I recently had to refit the rearview mirror, could this have anything to do with it since there are wires that run from the mirror back to the area where the sunroof controls are the sunroof motor located there, if so how do I get to it?

Again, any help is appreciated...I have looked at the forum sites and have not seen this same problem noted (may have overlooked it). Please help keep me out of my wife's dog house and from the Dealer sending me to the Poor House.



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Hi welcome to the LOC,

I have taken a look on the exploded diagram of the moon roof for the RX300 and it didn't help that much but if you have the owners handbook check it as some models have a manual method of closing the moon roof.

This would involve removing the trim panel around the motor area (if no visable screws they are normally clip on/off and a good tug will remove) look inside the cover for a handle which you can insert and wind the moon roof Check for something jammed in the mechanism first as you say with previous work on the mirror this may have occurred.

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