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Mp3 Connectivity To Is200 Stereo (Post 2001)

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Hi Folks,

I've recently purchaced an IS200 SE (2001) from a friend for a superb price - and I absolutely love it (Well, it has to be better than my 13 year old Mondeo estate!) In fact, a lot of the research I did prior to purchace was from this forum - which was invaluable.

My only gripe is that I'm used to playing music through an after market stereo, directly from an SD card or USB stick. The CD changer works a treat in the Lexus, but I miss the convenience (and capacity) of the solid state media. I've tried using a cassette adaptor, but the sound quality is pretty poor.

Does anyone have any experience of modding the stereo to recieve an AUX in lead? Or anything more advanced? I've seen the threads on the Grom adapter, but that seems a bit overkill; and I don't fancy an FM transmitter either - too fiddly.

Many thanks for your time,


PS: I've been really impressed with the quality of the threads on here. There is some excellent advice, so cheers [in advance]....

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Hi All,

After some idiot crashed into me on a roundabout I have developed the dreaded Err3 on my CD player - presumably following CD changer trauma. I have decided to buy the GROM USB box.... I have a question. Will the GROM USB box, connected upto a 2001 IS200, tolerate more than 6 playlists on a USB stick. The GROM website says that some stereos (if they have a CD up/down selector, as the IS200 does) can accommodate upto 99 playlists.

Thanks in advance for any replies!


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I find over 6 playlists to be very hit and miss

I set mine up as follows

Playlist 1 contains 1 song (this sets up the grom to allow the cdplayer to control the ipod

Playlists 2 to 6 contain the album or any number of albums that I wish to play

Sometimes the time displayed for track length is screwed up or doesn't even count

Since you can't use the stereo to jump songs if you have say 100 songs in 1 playlist it will take ages to get to it

Apart from that it does what it says, and if you don't have an ipod it has auxillary out for an mp3 player, this obviously won't include devices like sdcard usb readers, only devices capable of sending audio via a 3.5MM headphone jack

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