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Engline Management Light Was On! Help!


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engline management light was on! help!

Just bought a Lexus is200 sport 1999, (130000miles)last week,and just like i thought cheap price maybe with bad condition. but i liked the car very much when i first saw it and didn't test properly, then been driving in the town for a week felt that is ok, but the engine management light was on last night while driving but didn't feel any thing wrong any where with the accelerateing, engine performance and sound etc, this morning started first time without any thing wrong, driveing fine but the engine management light was still on. can anybody help what should i do, keep driving like this or must be to check! becoz i used have a Astra the light was on for years so do not this Lexus.

The Lexus is very good looking with gunmetal colour and creamy half leather inside, cool alloys, clean and dry engine, but the gear box may have a

little wrong with when put second or third gear on which can feel not smoothly but position and work great, also i feel bit slow reaction on the accelerating when you press the pedal down, have to be used to it with the cluch, so don't know this is a problem. does anyone has a same thing?



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