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Hi And Thanks!


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Bought a 2000 IS200 sport a couple of months ago, which was nice but needed some TLC really,

Thanks to this absolutely brilliant forum i have done a few little mods and tips

Got a new key and recoded following the guide on here 10/10

New colour coded sport grill installed again with the guide 10/10

Swopped the airbox logo for the steering wheel one brilliant little tip!!!

swopped the heated seat/trc buttons round

Spent about 5 hours cleaning/claying/polishing the thing with meguires which i have never used (always swore Autoglym) but this stuff is the dog danglies!!

Next going to install a new head unit (got the usual error) and some HID's

So i would like to saya big thanks to all the people that have spent the time and effort posting on here with some great tips!


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Very nice of you Spurty (love the name :lol: )

You car looks very nice mate. You'll find it very hard NOT to mod your car.

I had no intention of doing anything til i came across this forum, and as you

can see from my sig, they are mounting up. I'm ALWAYS on the lookout for things to add.

Welcome mate and enjoy your motor :winky:

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Cheers Guys

Still got so much to do! new audio is next,just got the genuine Toyota facia today from work going to have a play with the heated seat buttons etc see what i can do, then a double din unit to go in!

Some new wheel nuts on the cards(courtesy of some jammy warranty repairs :winky: ) some chrome valve caps and some smoked rear lamps and thats just for starters!

god this modding bug gets you dont it!!!

Oh and i bloody love this forum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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