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Hello everyone.I have just found your site and it appears very interesting,and a lot oy you seem to have a very good knowledge about lexus cars.

I am from N.Ireland and drive an is300 sportcross. This is a great litle car and looks fantastic.However the previous owner must have been somewhat younger or sportier than me because they have lowered the suspension.This may be suitable for good roads and motorways but I find it a bit troublesome on some of our less well maintained roads over here. Also speed ramps seem to have gotten higher. Could anyone suggest where I could get some origional springs which would bring this car back up a bit. I see quite a few have lowered theit cars so maybe they would have a set of original springs lying about doing nothing.This may be a shot in the dark but if anyone can assist I would be very greatful.


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Hi Pat,

Welcome to the LOC.

We are a friendly bunch on here so I am sure you will receive some more welcomes before long,I can't help you with the springs but someone will be along with what you need or help you locate some.

We all like pictures so feel free to post some up,we normally use as a hosting site and then post the direct links.

Welcome once again enjoy your new Lexus albeit with a firm ride!

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