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Exhaust Compatibility


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hi Guys, just wondering if a is250 exhaust back box will fit a is220?

ive had a look the the fixings underneath both cars and they look exactly the same to me


I'm wonder too. But I think wil fit. I'm looking for someone who have OEM exhaust back box for sale.

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Have a good search on this forum. I'm sure someone did a good write up with pics on doing this very thing. He may have got a 250 bumper and had it resprayed...not too sure.

Some have adapted the 250 exhaust to mimic the ISF duo stacks too!!

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cheers normski. i found one on eBay from a 250. looks like it would bolt straight on. only problem is notching the nsr part of the bumper. i intend to speak to one of the techs at a tyre and exhaust place in perth and see if they will take the job on. i'd need to notch the bumper first, but a bit worried about cocking it up! I'll maybe check on the cost of a bumper, there seem to be plenty 250's around.


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The problem is that the diesel bumper bends downwards, but the is250 exhaust goes straight so you might have to cut both sides of the bumper.
I got i splitter for mine. You will need the left exhaust hanger aswell.

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nice one alvo, never thought of that.

The 250 exhaust i found on eBay was mild steel, stock part as far as i can tell. I may hold out and have a custom one made and fitted. only problem with that is that i can't find a company up here that would do it for me. i'd need the whole job completed on the same day, but i'm not really willing to travel to the Midlands to do it. There are other bits and pieces i'd like to change/improve, but as i'll have the car for the next couple of years there's plenty time.


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