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Thoughts About Nitrous?

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Hi Guys,

I've been looking at things to do to my IS300 in order to improve the performance. At the moment I've just replaced the manifold, bolted on a Japspeed catback and installed a K&N FIPK induction kit. My next step was going to be to swap the camshaft and camgear for some Brian Crower and HKS parts, but as these will be adding up to £1000 after purchasing and installing, it seems a little pointless for the 20-30hp they'll net.

So, next step is normally Turbo or Supercharger. But as these cost anything from £2.5k-£5k, and the car is used 90% of the time for taking the wife and kids out and about, I'm not really going to be putting it to use on a regular basis.

So it got me thinking about Nitrous - and more specifically nos delivered using a progressive controller (rather than a one squirt wonder). I've read around other forums that the IS300 engine is good for a 120hp shot of NOS which would obviously give a massive boost of power when needed. I'd probably air on the side of caution and go for something like 75shot though.

Does anyone have any experience with NOS on the IS's, or any words of wisdom?

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Have a bit of a hoke around the forum with the search, there is quite a lot of info there and worth the reading,

all the posts are a few years old now, but should give you info to see if it worth it,

25 - 50 shot is probably the most i would want to go without major internal upgrade.

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