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Problem Starting My 2002 Is200


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Hi Guys, im new here and need urgent advice!!! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I've got a 2002 Lexus IS200 Sport, which up till now has been running like a dream. Over the last two weeks, i've started to encounter a weird problem when i start it.

The problem first started a couple of weeks ago and was waiting with the stereo on and the key in the ignition, when i went to start it, the dash lights were on faintly and then the car was starting almost like the Battery had died, but after a few turns it started and seemed ok for the rest of the day.

The second time this happened was on Saturday, having just nipped to a cash point leaving my side lights on i got back in and went to start it and again the same problem but this time it started after a long turn on the key.

So, i didn't drive it all day sunday and went to start it this morning and again the dash lights were totally dim and the car was struggling to start and almost was showing signs of a dead Battery. However i took it my local Kwik Fit who checked the Battery and alternator and said both were in good condition. My regular mechanic seems to think its the starter motor, but having looked on the internet, another chap has said that the fuse box near the windscreen had water in and was experiencing the same problems.

Could anyone shed some light on this and let me know whether they've encountered the same problem and how it was solved!

I Look forward to any feedback.


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sounds like you need a new Battery mate plain and simple - the other fault you refer to is when water leaks into the fusebox and causes headlights to come on or stay on when car is unattended which in turn causes a flat Battery sometimes - unless you are suffering from weird headlight problems as well id say change your Battery for a new one - just a guess though

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