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Solving Mk2 Gs Front Knocking Issues


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Hi All,

I've done various searches and found a lot of disparate threads on this issue and several seem to be left kind of unfinished as to what the cause was. Therefore, I thought it might be useful to consolidate what I've found and check if it's correct and complete. If not, perhaps you could add your pennies worth?

Partly, this has been motivated by the fact that I experienced multi-layered knocking that once I solved one problem, another one was heard and it's a bit of a running story atm! (one of the problems was never properly addressed or solved by Lexus servicing either)

So, if you experience knocking coming from the front end, in the approximately the following order check:

1. ball joints and replace as necessary

2. brake caliper pins are sliding correctly, grease and service appropriately

3. lower and upper suspension arm bushes

4. play in anti-roll bar bushes and assembly (makes more of a rattle over uneven surface)

5. shocks

Does that just about cover it, or is there anything I've missed? And would it be helpful to have some guide as to how to check these things at home?



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Hi guys, I think it's also worth checking for play in the steering rack mounting bushes. 2 people are best for this as 1 can rock the wheel and the other can check to see if the rack moves under the car, before the wheels start to move.

Cheers, Will.

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