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New Double Din Oem Sat Nav; Done

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When I first got my IS300, one of the first things I did was install a Grom. Not that the OEM stereo is poor, it is just a little outdated and I'm a big mp3 user.

After a while I did begin to become frustrated with the Grom in that I don't just stick a few albums on a USB, I carry a lot of new music with me and with the Grom it's too easy to get lost and wonder who the hell you are listening to. You can make little folder lists of course but that is just an added chore.

So, there are loads of decent double din head units out there, let's upgrade! Then I started researching a bit on both MyIs and the LOCUK forums and find things are not quite so simple as they should be.

My car is a 2004 IS300 Sport with OEM SatNav, it also has a Lexus original fit Handsfree system (actually a T.H. Bury unit). So the SatNav is going to cause me a problem. I could go for a super Double Din with Bluetooth and SatNav built in but I'm not keen on this. I like the OEM screen position and it works. So after trawling the forums I find there are folks out there who have made "units" to fool the system polling and let you retain the OEM. Ok that I think can be resolved.

Next up is the fascia and I'm just so glad I came across this thread Non JDM dash thread although I have to say the differing opinions do cloud the issue. Nevertheless I came across both a cheap Bestkits fascia, and a Scosche fascia on eBay and bought both. When it arrived, I couldn't install the Bestkits, to me the texture is wrong. The Scosche is a much better item both in terms of fit and finish.

So now a harness, lots on eBay but when querying the suppliers all say you will lose your SatNav. Ok the Metra unit lots of them on eBay and I start noting postings on the poor sound quality. I don't know if these guys are fussy audiophiles or there is a problem. Anyway it's unsettling enough for me to be wary.

At this point I came across a thread about BeatSonic fascias and harnesses. Interesting and when I queried the USA site about the SatNav issue they put me in touch with the extremely helpful Miah at HQ in Japan.

After a flurry of emails trying to identify the OEM head unit Amp etc. I ordered up an SLA-91 this is both a harness and what looks like a very nice JDM type fascia. at £117 a tad expensive but I adopt a let's see what the products are like after all the JDM fascias are a bit pricey on their own. I would add this is the harness for the 20 pin OEM connector.

BeatSonic Japan Website SLA-91

BeatSonic USA Website SLA-91

Thanks to the EMS tracking I know the parcel takes just two days to arrive in the UK then it spends 8 days while Her Majestys Revenue and Customs ***** around and then decide to add another £30 to get delivery. Thanks guys your work is so appreciated.

When I finally get to look at the kit, the fascia is a dead ringer for the JDM very, very nice, but I can't use it without adapting it. While it has a hole for the Traction control it has a pocket (for an i-pod?) where I would have my heated seat switches . It can be done this thread explains,JDM plus Heated Seat Switches if you can read Swedish, but I think we all get the drift. Anyways I have the Scosche which while not as substantial or aestheticaly pleasing, it will do the job. If anyone is interested in a gorgeous Beatsonic fascia which is going spare, let me know.

The harness, well all I want it to do is work, nonetheless it is a well put together bit of kit.

So what happened? it all went together very simply, and it all works straight out of the box, which includes the retention of the SatNav . Its a Pioneer AVH 3200 with a Beat Diversity DVB tuner connected as the AV input.


The Pioneers piano black finish is not right with the Lexus dash texture but I'm happy enough with the good points it has going for it.


Can only recommend the Beatsonic kit

Thanks to Miah for extreme patience and to Simeon and Lee at Devalo

who did the installation for me and now know more about fitting a new unit to a Lexus than they really want to.

Just one strange thing, the aircon is now always off when I turn the ignition on. Before it would always remember if it was on or off before turning the engine off. Hey I can live with that!

All those who contacted me about the SatNav issue take heart, it can be done and it's quite straightforward just get in touch with BeatSonic.

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good post-well done lots of useful info and links here,glad you got the result you were after-just out of interest is yours wired so the passenger can watch tv on the move and if so how is the freeview whilst moving as i hear differing reports as to whether diversity units give quality pic at speed depending on make fitted ?

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The DVB tuner was really a vanity, show off thing.

While it works (and on the move) it needs a retune if you travel any distance. ie. between transmitter areas.

Picture breakup seems to be dependant on the terrain around you, I dont think it would work too well in Cumbria or the Highlands.

Stuck in my morning commute traffic jam, it wont miss a thing.

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