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Juddering When I Pull Away, Help & Suggestions Please...

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Ok so when i pull away and turn the wheel i am getting a juddering which is quite severe. This has only started this morning and again just now when i popped to the shops. It seems to be when the engine is cold/cool and it concerns me. It had a service from Lexus only about 3 weeks ago and if there is a problem will it be fixed for free due to this service, or?

To note the front tyres need replacing, front passenger is 1.6mm and the front drivers is 2mm and it does seem to be worse pulling away and turning left. Could this be the tyres or something more sinister?

All suggestions welcomed.

Cheers guys, Ian.

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is yours manual ian ? dual mass flywheels are known to give judder on take off,you should feel that as coming from the rear though

Hey, yeah its manual and deffo feels 100% from the front. I am getting 4 new Michelins on monday and hope its just the tyres. If it was anything bad Lexus would of picked it up in its service...right?

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cheers for the advice guys, it seems to have not happened again since that day so i can only assume or hope it was a one off and hope it doesnt happen again.

But yeah i will monitor it and if it does happen again will get it looked at.

I have read about the mass flywheel and it does seem to be a common fault that can develop but i would of thought my service by lexus only a few weeks back would of picked it up.

Still we'll see what happens.

Thanks again :)

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