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How much oil does it take to fill up the rear diff? My old diff sprung a leak so got a new one but it needs filling up as i asked for it to be draind before collection.

Does the gearbox use same oil?

Does anyone quantities and how much Lexus want for there oil(s)? do i need any kind of filter for Gearbox as well as the oil?

Mk3 1995 LS400

many thanks

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For the diff you'll need to get 2 litres of 75W-90 gear oil (capacity is around 1.5 litres). I used this stuff in mine:

Fuchs TITAN GEAR SYN 75W-90 Semi Synthetic Driveline Oil

There's a tutorial here:

The gearbox uses a completely different oil which you can only get from Lexus/Toyota. Ask for Type T-IV automatic transmission fluid. I paid around £50, can't remember if that was for 4 or 5 litres. You need about 2 litres to drain the sump and refill (this isn't a complete fluid change, that's a bit more involved). There is a filter inside but I don't think it's designed to be changed often.

Again there's a tutorial on the LexLS site (for Mk1 & 2 but Mk3 should be very similar):

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