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Improvements To Renewal Notices


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Re - Renewal Notification.

Many thanks for the notice of renewal and I am happy to pay my subs again,

but I have 2 comments about the process and how it might improve ....

1) The renewal date you deliver in the email is in the American format - therefore

when you informed me that my renewal date was 08/10/2010, I read that as 8th

October 2010 when in fact it was 10th August 2010. I thought you were giving me plenty of notice hence my next

comment. Please can the notice include a date in a more quickly understandable format ie with the month spelt out!

2) I received my renewal notice a day before the expiry!!! Due to holidays

and work commintments I have not been able to deal with renewal until this week.

Therefore my renewal is 2 weeks after the expiry! A renewal notice at least 2 weeks before the expiry please.

Unfortuneately I don't check this type of information every week and I rely on 'useful' reminders. Any

changes to the way the much better 'Gold' club membership is handled would be much appreciated. :-)

Regards - Nomad9

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