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Tte Springs


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Total of £620.50 inclusive of VAT supplied and fitted !! Sounds a bit excessive does it not for the is200 tte springs !?

Did you get a quote for supply only?

I cant see springs been anymore than £200 all in, so thats £420.50 / 4 = £105/corner for fitting which is £86.00 ex vat.

Thats sounds like a main dealer hourly charge, so they ae charging you 4 hours, which again sounds about the right time. They will also charge you for disposing of the old springs.

Get them to supply only, and then any normal garage will fit them for £150




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As above, get them to supply only - even better PM ACLex on here (who works for a Lexus dealer) and you'll get an even better price. Think it's only £130ish for the springs so that's a lot of labour, can't remember exactly but think it needs 2 hours labour for fitting roughly?

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Andy gave an answer about these springs a couple of months ago as follows ....

View PostAmz, on 25 May 2010 - 06:58 PM, said:

Hi, can you get me Lexus IS200 sports springs (I think it's the TTE springs), if so how much?

Thanks in advance

Hi, they are showing as available stock and I can do them for £152.94 inc vat and delivery.

Part number is PZ439-C1721-00.


Hope that helps


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