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Mark Levinson Subwoofer Replacement


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Hey people, i have a Lexus IS220d Sport (06 plate) with the Mark Levinson Entertainment pack, but unfortunately the subwoofer is blown.

I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem, and how they corrected it. I got a quote from Lexus for £440 to fix it (i'm not willing to go that high).

Does anyone know where i can order the part from myself, as I know a few friends who would be able to fit it themselves. The part number is P=LAD6160DWD80).

I am reluctant to buy a third party subwoofer as i use the boot quite a bit, but if getting a huge box in the boot is the only option; would i still be able to use the mark levinson amp, or would i have to buy another one? Does anyone know where the ML amp is located and how easy it is to disconnect the sub wire and re-connect another one?

But like i said, i mainly want to replace the sub like-for-like so does anyone knwo where i can buy one from independantly instead of going through Lexus and paying a premium?

any help would be appreciated.



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my is220d Sport has normal sound system.

To take the stock sub out you need to take the back seat out and lift the back shelf up to do it.

ML and non ML Lexus amp can be used to get signals for aftermarket subwoofer.

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