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Anyone Got A Ecu?


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I do not think that the factory ECU will handle the "boosted" fuel requirements.

I could, however, be wrong. I am guessing you will need something like:




i am not trying to be a smart @$$ here, but why don't you send the A'PEXi ECU (SAFC?)back to the factory?

is it faulty because you fried it, or is it faulty because it does not work right?

just curious, because i am debating on whether to get the A'PEXi SAFC or an E-Manage from Trust/Greddy.

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I'm really unsure, I've only had the car for 2 months before it started playing up, it was imported earlier this year. Judging by the Gregory spark plugs I'm guessing the previous owner was a hard driver lol. Can you translate anything on that site? Have you bought from them before?

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i bought stuff from them when i was in japan. i was not so much suggesting you buy those specific items, but those are the only ECU substitutes that i know of for the Altezza that can handle turbo charged fuel requirements. the greddy e-manage are a little easier to come by than the TOM's T.E.C. but most turbo charged Altezzas are running the Trust/Greddy kit, so the E-manage kind of goes with it... but the A'PEXi are supposed to be the better of all three. you may be able to take it somewhere to get it adjusted. I personally do not know how to adjust an ECU. but that is the whole concept of the A'PEXi, you are supposed to be able to adjust the fuel distribution to your specific needs. I am not sure if it will learn and self adjust.

a few questions to think about:

how do you know the A'PEXi is faulty?

have you adjusted the fuel map yourself?

what grade fuel are you running? turbos should run highest octane available, i think.

are your radiator and intercooler each running well, no leaks or low on fluids?

when was the last time you changed your engine oil?

You may want to change out all of your fluids, and check your spark plugs.

Over in Japan, a lot of guys will run the shorter life span plugs for the extra strong spark, so may need new plugs.

What are the symptoms that LED you to determine your ECU was bad?

And where is E910 with all the real answers to all this stuff.

He knows more about Altezza than Toyota engineer!

good luck with your problems sir, i hope i have pointed you in the right direction.

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And where is E910 with all the real answers to all this stuff.

I think you've just about covered all the bases there griderin.

You didn't say what it's doing to make you think it's faulty? If your vehicle is running a Power FC & you have the correct software or can find someone with it then you'll be able to see whats wrong with it via a laptop. Not sure if fault codes or the likes will come up on a hand controller. I'm sure a bit of reading on the apexi web site should be able to answer this. This site may be of help to you also http://z4.invisionfr...?showtopic=4283 .

As for the gray spark plugs what are they like when compared to this chart

How big is the gap as well? Generally you should run a smaller gap with a turbo (boost level dependent). Out of interest do you know what psi it's running & what fuel are us using? Should be using premium only.

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Before I can even attempt to workout settings of the ecu I have to figure out why my car won't stay on. The car turns on then cuts out after a second, reving makes no difference. I have attached the commander to the ecu and my spark/electrician has told me he feels the ecu is at fault as it is turning my injectors on full. When the car was running it was reving up to 3000 rpm then really slowly going up, not much reaction from the turbo, with a slight kick when u release the pedal. But like I say now it won't stay on. My only options at present are buy a factory ecu from down south and have it mapped or buy a new apexi and commander and the same, only difference is the time I need to wait on it and the cost. The fuel I use is super unleaded, best stuff available. There's no leaks, had one small oil leak but cured that and replaced the oil with correct oil according to book from nearby parts supplier. I'm completely baffled by solutions of fuel management systems, is that an attachment ontop of an ecu or replacing.

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does your car have a turbo timer?

if so, does it work correctly?

if not, do you let your car warm up, and cool down?

you may have a bad turbo charger...

if it is bad, and you do not have a turbo timer,

your next purchase is a turbo timer, then a new turbo...

i am probably totally way off base here, and i surely hope that i am.

but i would have someone look at your turbo.

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My only options at present are buy a factory ecu from down south and have it mapped
You can't map a factory ecu so your best option will be to buy a Power FC. Is there an Apexi dealer or authoriased workshop in the UK? Might pay to get them to look at it first before you go splashing out on a new ECU. But it does sound like it's fried. Good luck

What oil did put in it? Just interested to see what listed. You can run 5w30 upto 10w40 anything thicker will effect the VVTi.

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5w30 I think, there's a few dealers that supply apexi parts, need to check if they supply for altezza tho. It's got a blitz turbo timer, it does work and I use it all the time although at times I haven't warmed up properly. From checking that post on the nz forum I'll need to try setting it up right, seeing if that makes a difference. Although I don't have problems with the commander coming on. Just the actual car itself. It might also be worth mentioning that since I've had the car the engine management light has been on, the guy that I got it from thought it was caused by upgrading to a turbo??

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