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Wing Mirror Glass Replacement

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Is there a guide or can somebody advise on how to replace the wing mirror glass. Mine was cracked in a minor brush with a people carrier and I have brought a new glass mirror, but it is not obvious how the old one comes out.


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Useful link to US site but won't let me download picture.

anyone able to help with this?


Try again

Don't break the glass! There are 3 connectors: one for the dimming feature (blue arrow), two for the heater wires (yellow arrow). There are 4 plastic clips (red arrows) and white paste holding the mirrorto the motor mounts inside. Adjust the mirror all the way up with the controls, then pry from the bottom (with your fingers) to release the glass from the 2 white plastic clips on the bottom. It will hang by the 2 top hinge-style clips, then you can swing it out from the bottom and unhook the top clips. Then remove the connectors and do the reverse for the new glass. Be sure the two metal leaf springs go into their slots when reinstalling. It took some manipulation of the mirror angle to get this right. Hopefully your new glass has the same connectors as the original glass.


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