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turbo is 300..........yumee(may get a is300 now)

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It will need Windows Media Player version 8.

If you have that version and its still not opening, copy the link to the clipboard. Start up windows media player, open the link as a file (it will take a while to load its about 355Kb in size)

If ppl. are still having problems I can try to extract the audio and post it as an MP3 or Ogg.

If you're using software which hasnt been infected by M$ then you really better ask me or someone else to convert the audio to MP3 or Ogg otherwise you have no hope.

head goes away>

Man I feel like I was just posessed!

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Thanks GCQHagent,ive downloaded them all now. It sounds awesome and the way the rear-end squatts down:wow::wow::wow:

Steve- the audio would make a great screen saver!

[Edited on 17-4-2002 by Wallace]

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For all you people who are still having trouble (or perhaps everyone with a fisher price pc ) I'm converting the files to MP3 audio (sorry no video).

You may download them from:" target="_blank">" target="_blank">" target="_blank">

For those who had trouble even accessing the files from the original links, I've posted the wmv files too :) :" target="_blank">" target="_blank">" target="_blank">

If needs be I can copy onto maybe a couple more servers.

As for copyright issues, these copies are made in goodfaith to minimise the load on the original servers. If the copyright holder objects then I will remove them immediately upon request. All copyrights lie within the original copyright holder and I assert no rights on the links posted. ice53 Limited cannot be held responsible for the actions of myself as it is in no way affiliated with my personal webspace.

Well that's over with :)

[Edited on 18-4-2002 by GCHQAgent]

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yeah i must have Ficher price computer

But mat.. at least i know how to use it :P:P:P

bloody neat sounding car!

Ahh yeah.. i forgot all about the screen saver... still waiting for all the pics and stuff...

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