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Evening all

does anybody know how far past the 10,000 mile service I can go whilst maintaing my warranty, the problem is the 450h is booked in for the valve recall job in 3 weeks by which time I thought she would be due the next service but I now look like being about 1,000 miles over, I guess there must be an allowance of 10% ? I do not dare to run without cover but do not wish another day off the road and all the hassle of another trip to the dealers.

Thanks in advance Tony

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Hi, I wouldn’t have thought they would be too concerned about you going over by just 1000 miles, I brought my Lexus on September 1st, this will be its 2nd service and on both occasions I have not be able to get it booked in till at least a week later due to work commitments, unlike yourself I don’t get any way near 10k miles, in fact mine goes in tomorrow for its 2nd year service with 8500 miles.

What I find hard to understand is why its 10k miles or 1 year, ok I can understand 10k miles but what has time got to do with anything, looking at the service book it looks like most of the stuff replaced on a 2 year 20k service are oil’s, do oil’s degrade after time as well as miles?, I am surprised with the technology in oil’s today even after 10k miles it needs replacing. Thinking back all those years to when I had a mark 1 escort, I remember when I used to change the oil it used to come out black and like treacle, in fact the oil coming out of my Lexus after 5k miles is probable cleaner than the oil I used to put in my

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