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Serious Help Needed With Tte Supercharger Kit!


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Hello guys,

I recently purchased a TTE Supercharger kit, but it turns out Im missing a few parts which are essential if Im to ever fit this to my beloved IS200!

Im after anywhere/anyone who can find me a throttle cable for this kit or the bypass valve bracket which sits on the side of the throttle body. If anyone knows of a part number, a technical drawing, dimensions, or anyone selling a kit that may split it, or if it's a stock part from another Lexus/Toyota vehicle?! Basically ANYTHING that will help me hunt down a replacement/get one custom made.

Any help whatsoever with this will be GREATLY appreciated!!!

Thanks!! :D

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I had a kit that was missing them parts,

the guy i sold it to got them from another company who apparently did the original supercharger kit, who;s name completely escapes me at the moment,

but if you search in this part of the forum you should find their name, sorry im not more help

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Ive spoken to Bemain, and their guy who can speak english is in next week so will call them back.

I've spoken to god knows how many different Toyota Parts dept's etc and dealerships but none can help.

Is there anyone who knows of anyone with a spare cable or bracket?

Part no: AM27958 & AM27929

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