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Gas Conversion


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My 05 rx300 is on lpg. The oxygen sensor keeps making the crs light come on along with the management light. In fact, they are both on permanently. Does anyone know what to do to stop this.

Hi I have just got a LPG RX300 SE 89000 miles my lights are on went to Lexus today was told by a very nice bloke that used to fit LPGs to cars that it's because the gas as a lot of water in the gas and to change the sensor will cost £250 but he did say it may only last 2months so he said it you can live with the lights on it's ok. Now he also said your gas conversion will only last about 75000miles on till you will need to get the head done valve seats need doing at a cost of about £750 up wards . But he did say it's worth it but it can only be done once . Then it's a new head .hope this helps Ray

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Hi I am a new member,I had my 2001 RX 300 converted to LPG 50000 miles ago and the only trouble I had until recently was that every 10K or so the lights would come on but I just took it back to the LPG installer and it usually needed some minor adjustment to mixture then it was OK again.

However I have just got a Code 1155 so I changed the sensor but code still coming up.Dont know what is causing this.

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