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Hi all!!!

I bought my is almost 5 months ago and its my first car to own:) I have almost paid it off now and i want to keep the car in as good mechanical order as posible. I dont have lots of cash(maybe 300 a month) so i need any possible advice and help to spend it wisely:)

I have some issues with my lex and so far i found out that this site is outstanding!!!:) nobody helped me with the car as much as You(in my short career;)) and i thinking to upgrade to gold soon.

Its got 84k now and ive done 9000 miles. Canged oil last weekend and the car drives much better. i didnt check insides of the wheels when i was buying it and had to change 2 tyres as well, cause there was a bulge on one and my spare was different than the rest.

There was strange rotating noise/light vibration(sorry dont know how to say it right) at 60 mph coming from the front of the car and a bit vibration on the steering wheel.

After i changed tyres and rebalanced the wheels vibration on the steering was gone but the strange noise was still there. I had about 10 mechanics seeing my car, gave it to big toyota dealer and they found nothing also in front suspension. Some said there is a bit loose on the drive shaft bearing, on the part connecting 2 parts of the d shaft and on some bearing which is in the last part of gearbox looking from the front of the car but they also said its nothing unusual and to worry about.

3 months after buying i went for a 3500 miles road trip:). 120 miles in the driving and car started to vibrate heavily at exacly motorway speeds:). i got scared and i tought i never make it as it never happened before(maxed the car out in germany on that night anyway:). After some time i found out that if i 'play' a bit with the throttle i can make vibrations to lessen or completly disapear, not for long thou. When i was stopping on the way, sometimes i could smell burning rubber from under the car in more or less middle of it.

Fortunately i made it, got another 10 mechanics checking the car in europe and finally jumped in the ditch myself: checked the shaft bearing, parts they told me about, rubbers on gearbox and diff, shaft balancing, loose on the parts but 4 me its ok as well(im no expert but im also not scared getting my hands dirty);). maybe only donut mountings of the diff are a bit worn.

Few days later i started to hear a cluth relase bearing exacly as on this clipMy link but its not that loud yet and only on 1st and 2nd. I think its dying. Im wondering if the wear, change driving style, breaking(sorry-dont know the word) flywheel or badly fitted clutch might cause the vibration???

What would be Your advice guys to go for change first or maybe give the car to lexus dealer to find the problem for 145 pounds and be sure what is this before spending fortune on no needed parts.

By the way i can buy used original dual mass flywheel from LHD 03 or 04 is 200 with 60k miles for around 85 pounds. i can return it in 30 days if its damaged or wont fit. is there any way to find out if its damaged without fitting?

I see its expensive part and that would be half free if the part is ok

No pics because of problems with pc, will try to put them on soon

Sorry 4 this post being so long and complicated and big thanks 4 loads of useful info i got from here:)


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