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Buying 91-95 Ls400 Comments Please

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Hi, I have had 2 LS 400's, but looking at eBay there are several between 91-95 & some very low mileage for year, I just wondered if anyone knows or 'thinks' there could be age related probs even if its ...say below 130k with good service record - i was thinking of thinks like perished rubber seals & things,before I have had '96 & 97, so i have no concerns on that sort of age but 1991-95 makes cautious, any comments welcome, thanks

Nearly forgot, does anyone know anything about the ES300 below, I means space compared to LS400, THANKS

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Hi, from my own personal experiences of driving a 1991 LS400 for 5 years to @180k miles and now my present 1994 LS400 for 3 years and approaching 35000 miles, I would say that the crux of the problems are @ 150 / 160k miles with suspension stuff and alternator and leaking power steering reservoir ( linked to alternator issues ).

Normal tyres, brakes and Battery fair wear and tear BUT absolutely bugger all else to cause anxiety.

The dash lights on the 93/94 models and the early to 92 time and temp indicator lights wear out too. These can be fixed relatively modestly cost wise by Vince on here.

Otherwise I can't think of anything thats going to cause you any grief.

Hopes you won't be able to prove me wrong either !

Good hunting.


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I've taken my '94 model from 135k to nearly 200k, so far it's cost me a spring & some PAS fluid (yes, I have the dreaded leak) - although the leak seems to be lessening after I used some dodgy Slick 50 product...

I don't think mine's dripping on the alternator, as I've had no problems in that department (touch wood).

Biggest issue with mine? The wheels, currently, they're tatty as hell. There's a company in Blackpool who do refurbs, though, so I'll treat her to a set of those if she gets through the next MOT with no problems (I fully expect this to happen)...

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