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Best Oil Recmmendation

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I see that the 220d recommended oil in the manual is 5w/30 semi synthetic.

In my other car (alfa 156) i have either Castrol edge 10w60 or comma 5w50 motorsport, both fully synthetic and recommended for sporty driving while Alfa Romeo recommends 10w40.

I'm thinking of changind the oil and filter in a couple of weeks and would like to know what oil do you guys use?



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engine: MOBIL 1 ESP FORMULA 5W-30

differential: MOBILUBE 1 SHC 75W-90

Cheers Matus,

have you tried anything higher than 30? Isn't too thin the 30 for "spirited" driving?

I find the 5w50 a very good oil which offers protection at low temperatures but at the same time the 50 figure is good cause it withstands higher temperatures when you rev the car.

That's my first diesel car and don't know much.


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it makes sense what you are saying.

I took 5w-30 simply because that is the manufacturer's recommendation. Only because of that.

I do not use power too much, don't do trackdays etc, so for me it is enough.

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