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Hi there all

I am a new member here. I have been searching for a club for a while now, and am glad I found you all :)

Anyway, I like the GS300, and plan on getting a second hand one. I am also very interested in getting the GS300 fitted with a nice bodykit, spoiler, and 18" alloys, among some engine improvements.

Do any of you have any suggestions about which models to avoid? I have heard that models older than '98 are very difficult to find mod pieces for.



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Good to hear I am not the only one searching here.

There are more parts available for the 2nd gen GS. You can also fit larger wheels, up to 20" on the 2nd Gen GS.

If you have the cash, I would go for a 98+ model. If you get a 2nd hand, get one fully loaded if possible.

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but........ don't under estimate the pre 98's.!! Believe me, you can make that car fly too>>>

they do have the 4 speed gearbox, instead of a 5 speed for the 2nd. gen. and a few hp less.. okay.. don't wurry the fun's the same. All lexus's are great strong and fast cars.

BUY ONE !!!!!! NOW !!!!!!! YEEZZZZZZZZZ....make your day.

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I'm selling my 97 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo 6-spd. for a GS 300 or 400. Is it worth it to get the 400 over the 300? I'm looking at 98s and possibly a 99.

I will be taking the wheels I just bought for my Supra off and put them on the Lexus. I've been told the 5-bolt pattern and offsetis the same. Another questions is, Will they fit? They are Volk GT-N 18x9s up front and 18x10s in the rear. I'm running Bridgestone S-03 Pole Positions in 235/40 and 265/35. Will there be any rubbing? Is this setup possible? I just invested about $3k in them and would really like to use them.

What do you all think? I'm new here but a frequenter at TIA


If you all want some pics of the wheels on the Supra, I'll post them.

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Welcome to the club Alkali and Zarlov.

I just want to say that I agree with Bluewax, you should not overlook the Mk1 GS 300's they are a very powerful car. I was advised to get in touch with Mark at TDI, they can and will happily tweak your GS for you. They are very knowledgable in this field and helpful too. The MK1 sports look good too check out the gallery:yes::yes:

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Cool. Thanks for everyone's comments.

Does anyone know the wheel offset? The only reason I think my wheels will transfer to the Lexus is that I have seen one set of Lexus rims on a Supra. I'm just not aware of any complications (such as rubbing) that may arise from putting them on the Lexus.

I guess I'll start checking out body kits for the GS, didn't know there were many made for it. Thanks again.

ps - Here's what my rims look like that I want to transfer to the Lexus.

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I'm in the US. Roanoke, Virginia to be exact. I'm the only Supra here except for a white NA. As for the reason to sell, bad luck. I got laid off recently and although I don't have to sell it right now, it's an expensive toy to have. I have it listed on for $39,900 if anyone is interested. Some guy in upstate New York offered me $37k cash, but we'll see if he shows up with the check first :rolleyes:

The dealer let me have a 99 black w/tan interior GS 300 till Monday to test out. So far it is very nice. Not as much power as I'm used to of course, but we'll see what we can do about that :D

Thanks for the input on the wheels. Looks like I'll be sporting around in a sweet looking GS soon with some nice rims. At least it won't be stock ;)

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