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Brake Fluid for IS200

John Lee

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In the user manual and also on the brake fluid container cap, DOT3 is stated to be the 'de facto' fluid.

I am thinking of changing the stock rubber brake hose to the stainless steel type from TRD. The tuner said that I can now use DOT4 brake fluid with the TRD stainless steel hose.

Will the changeover from DOT3 to DOT4 causes any problem to the brake system ? Besides a higher boiling point for DOT4 , what r the other differences between the different specs of brake fluid?

Please advise. Thanks.

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Toyota do a DOT 5.1 if thats anygood

Part Number 08823-80005

Price is £5.10 +VAT for 0.5 ltrs

Toyota class it as a "super heavy duty hi-temp brake fluid for all TOYOTA brake systems"

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The difference between synthetic brake fluid and normal (polyglycol) brake fluid is that polyglycol absorbs water and moisture from the air over time, that is why you need to change it perodically. When polyglycol absorbs water, the water obviously has a much lower boiling point than the brake fluid and therefore boils before the fluid, creating vapour bubbles. This can lead to a total loss of the vehicle's braking. On the other hand, synthetic fluid repels water and never needs changing. This also helps keep rust and corrosion out of you braking system. It normally has a higher boiling point than polyglycol so you shouldn't ever get your brake fluid boiling even on a track day

Hope this helps:smilegrin:

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