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Lexus Hybrids: Real-World Fuel Economy


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I'm very impressed with my Lexus LS430 which i've enjoyed driving for the last few weeks. I bought it just to try out the Lexus car ownership experience. It has confirmed my decision to buy a newer Lexus in around year's time. One of the downsides of the LS430 is the fuel consumption, but I knew it was going to be bad before I bought it. So, I was wondering whether the hybrid models (GS, RX, LS) have significantly better fuel economy than their petrol-only counterparts? I would need to see at least a 15-20mpg improvement in real-world fuel economy before it made a significant financial difference to me.

What sort of fuel consumption figures are you guys achieving on your Lexus hybrids?

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When i first got my 2005 RX400h 7 weeks ago i was getting 33mpg with mainly national speed limit driving. I am now getting about 29mpg.

I will attribute this to the fact that is getting colder now, so the engine works a little harder and i am using heat settings (seat, heater, demister etc).

Also when i first got it i would set off for work 10 minutes earlier than normal due to wanting to play in my new toy so could drive nice and slow. Now the novelty has worn off a little i set off my normal time (too late) and find i am rushing to get to work, so drive faster and use more fuel.

Its costing about £58 to fill the tank, and i get about 330 miles before i refuel.

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