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H&r Springs Fitted


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My H&R springs arrived yesterday, I managed to fit the back yesterday evening but then had to drive the car to work with just the rear low :P

Here is just the rear done


Then today I finished the front, I think it will settle a bit more so hopefully it will level out.


Not even drove it yet so I couldn't tell you what its like, the rear didn't seem too stiff, after reading the spring rates I had been quite worried.

I'll let you know tomorrow what it's like after I have been to work and back.

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I had H&R springs with Bilstein shocks. It was a rough ride but not much. I liked it. Problem was that the shocks did not collaborate well with the springs. It was not good balanced setup. From yesterday i am on TEIN SS coileovers

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After driving to work and back today I am very happy, the ride is firm but not bouncy or crashy, body roll has been reduced a lot.

I fancy front and rear strut braces next, would love to do the ARB's but the best price I have seen is £280 for Hotchkis, a little more than I want to spend really.

Thanks for the comments guys.

Dimitris - what did you feel was wrong with the H&R Bilstein combo? I would be looking at Bilstein or Koni if I ever uprated the shocks.

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I asked H&R the difference, this was their reply.

The difference between 29435-1 and 29435-3 is that 29435-3 uses a stronger front springs

As this kit is only approved for cars with more than 900kg front axle weight (permissible axle load)

While 29435-1 is for all cars up to 900kg FA-weight.

If you do do not have an info on the FA-weight in your car papers you can also find this on the

type plate (little metal plate). Please see the attachment (bottom) as an example.

This type plate is either in the engine compartment or in the door panel, very few cars have this in the trunk.

According to the plate on my IS300 the front axle load is 1055 Kgs so I ordered 29435-3.

Check yours as I'm interested to know the front axle load of the IS200.

The plate is inside your passenger door and has your chassis code followed by 4 weights.

1955 Kgs - technically permissible maximum weight

3155 Kgs - technically permissible maximum weight inc towing capacity

1055 Kgs - permissible front axle load

1055 Kgs - permissible rear axle load

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